He sat in front of the laptop with uncertainty

what could be true anymore

artificial intelligence was taking over humanity

who actually was now in charge

on your smart phone the voices were not real

though it was impossible to tell

they could perfectly mimic anything at all

how long before mankind would fall?


No more the films of the over throw by machines

developed by humans themselves

excitedly creating at a ferocious rate robots

to rule our life support and services

realistic like us they were created in our image

smarter faster where did we fit in

the technology became too much for mankind

so a quantum computer was assigned!


Transport was fully automatic even our aircraft

had no use for human hands

they could think far smarter and indestructible

the population relied completely

on the machines as the frustration rapidly grew

unrest exploded then robotic cops

deployed and the resistants and wars escalated

with no democracy for it to be debated!


How close are we today to such a future existence

as our lives are run by the machines

for now they maybe an asset that we just accept

but they know where we live

what we are saying doing and most likely think

privacy and security from them

has long gone from a once more free civilisation

controlled can there be any salvation?


Its said the future is not set and could be changed

but what protection from the deranged?




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  1. Lovely words and very nicely put! Wishing you a happy and creative 2018


  2. Love it! Happy New Year 🙂


  3. Well said!


  4. Paranoid android reminiscencias.
    ¿Conoces los principios básicos de la robótica? Creo que podría interesarte.
    Te saludo.


  5. 000100100011001000000111011000001010111000

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  6. Ho Psicodependencia Many thank for liking “Machines!” And for your kind comment. Have a great 2018! #TheFoureyedPoet.


  7. Hi Carol. Glad you like “Machines!” And for your lovely comment Have A Great 2018. Be Safe.#TheFoureyedPoet.


  8. Hi indianeskitchen Thank you for liking “Machines!” And your comment Hope you have a Great 2018~TheFoureyedPoet.


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