Microwave Towers!

For some years they had taken no notice

of the ever-increasing microwave towers

that seemed to be erected everywhere

any enquiries told for improved coverage

of cell phone signals as demand increased

or the wi-fi speed had to be much faster

this the public had to accept as being true

knowing pointless for answers to pursue!


But as the numbers alarmingly escalated

and illness there  began to rapidly surge

animals also became lethargic and died

fear really set in when people succumbed

readings were taken to show microwave

output was right off the instruments scale

yet the authorities remained insensitive

as helplessly the became radioactive!



As those death waves continued to bombard

there was no recourse nor legal MasterCard!


Is this a conspiracy theory or a fact?




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  1. Oh, I think there is some fact in there…I know I cannot escape the towers they are everywhere…Do I use a microwave I haven’t for the last 15 years or so…As a family, we all ditched our microwaves en masse for our own reasons…In other words, we made our own minds up not to use them…Do I miss it? …No!….Once again I love your written word it always resonates with me 🙂 You have a lovely day Malc 🙂


  2. Hi Carol Many thanks for liking “Microwave Towers!” And Your comment. Be Safe. #TheFoureyedPoet.


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