So many warnings of doom they all disregarded

either absorbing the fake news

or thinking this was just bunkum heard it before

wrapped up in their own lives

as more taxes and restrictions filled each hour

surviving was becoming sour!


Not realising their rights were disappearing fast

warnings of doom had seen in films

fantasy not a real risk bombarded with fighting

on the streets and in so many countries

endless computer games they’re killing all the foe

the thrill of death for many did grow!


Society becoming more a living computer culture

reality now impossible to define

truth and lies becoming blurred reality merged

none saw society falling apart

or they were encouraged to spend and conform

be part of the human swarm!


That day when a huge planet simply known as X

came  close to our small planet

the world became like hell fire and disintegrated

everything flattened and scorched

billions died the warning not heard or accepted

or the truth was just rejected!


In deep underground cities the mega rich dwelled

thinking that they were protected

unlike those upon the uninhabitable earth surface

but fate found away for them to suffer

as the decimated shell was silent no longer bright

yet something survived and for life did fight!


Could it happen is mankind destined to become extinct

by his own hand or by ancient prophesy linked?



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  1. I would say a bit of both…mankind is killing the world and I am sure someone somewhere prophesied the end of the world…Perhaps we should all start stockpiling and building our own bunkers… 🙂


  2. Hi blondieaka. Many thanks for liking “Bunkum!” And your very interesting comment! Yes there is so much truth hidden from us! Peace and Best Wishes. TheFoureyedPoet.


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