Passed that large field today on the way to work

there were only sheep passively grazing

no indication there of what would soon befall

the rural countryside were I resided

a tiny hamlet quiet and serene undisturbed

nothing for residents to feel perturbed!


Regular route always had that oppressive feel

twisty and narrow vehicles driving fast

little had changed here over many centuries

which was why for me it seemed so safe

returning as the light faded and rain now fell

the need to vomit was hard to quell!


Unusually there was a build up of traffic ahead

and from the direction of the field

a hazy glow seemed meet a low pulsating cloud

roar of motors above added to the plot

soldiers were walking down the road and verge

with their guns drawn did converge!


In the narrow road we were forced to turn back

from this day the road was closed

the military would never leave properties seized

rumours spread a craft had crashed

high levels of radiation detected unsafe to stay

we were all made to move away!


Like so many other rural dwellers we resided

now in large drab city tower blocks

forced into cramped oppressive surroundings

an authoritarian society now ruled

green fields were out-of-bounds to humanity

into a regime of misery and brutality!


No explanation for what transpired in the field

we soon found there were others

all over the country the military now controlled

vast areas of the open countryside

basic foods a luxury freedom was just a thought

in a nightmare the people caught!


The skies were filled with thick black low clouds

sunlight and fresh air had now gone

from a good life to imprisonment and control

within days of that first daunting event

no violence the once free society was disbanded

and a new authority now commanded!


Would there be a future for the now oppressed people?






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  1. A scary thouht but sometimes I do think that something like that has already happened and could happen to us 🙂


  2. Gosh – it’s strange because in Cornwall where I live there is more radiation than anywhere else in this country!


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