It went by unnoticed such a subtle interaction

but he sensed something for a moment

shrugging it off walked on yet very disturbed

this was not from our dimension of reality

attaching itself to everybody just passing by

nothing felt or seen by any viewing eye!


An entity able to enter our time and space

bringing unimaginable dangers here

through minute rifts in the fabric of time

opened by the experiments of scientists

on projects they were unable to contain

when most would think this to be insane!


The public had no idea we had been invaded

by microscopic alien intelligent bacteria

interacting within the bodies of their hosts

observing ready to implement change

yet nobody usually ever felt any sensation

of this other dimensional infestation!


Except for the man with psychic abilities

knew there was an unnatural presence

that for some reason did not affect him

but was alerted to the undetected exposure

of molecules in the air now surrounding him

realising our existence was on the rim!


Trapped knowing he would not be believed

could only observe as  it consumed

the minds of everybody he knew and loved

yet realised if he was resistant to them

there must be others the same he must seek

as the future looked bleak!


With an urgency he put his abilities to work

knowing time was not on his side

soon he felt the presence of a woman close by

his first recruit not contaminated

their brains linked the crusade had started

the task not for the faint hearted!


But could they win?The unanswered question!









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