Farm Gate!

Behind the locked wooden farm gate

lay a field of ripe corn

a warm dry day the hikers neared

tired wanting to rest

attracted by the rhythmic swaying

hypnotic images displaying!


Isolated no wind yet the corn swayed

climbed onto the gate

for a better view of the open landscape

at first did not notice

that the trees in the distance were still

until there was a deafening shrill!


Jumping down puzzled at the sudden noise

saw darting shapes in the corn

somehow felt vulnerable and isolated here

had to run for their lives

instinctively retreated back down the trail

something was right on their tail!


Exhausted one tripped as the other continued

until he heard her scream

slowing reluctant to even peek at the pursuer

but was swept off his feet

the escape futile  dragged like a piece of scrap

both caught in the assailants trap!


Both were taken to the farm gate and thrown over

forever gone within the vast field

some weeks later with no sign anything was wrong

the harvest was gathered in

but nothing was found and the mystery remained

evidence of the missing was contained!


Somebody knew what was really happening here

yet there was a news blackout

nobody had any idea of these disappearances

as the innocent still ventured

to what was thought of as an unspoilt idyllic scene

until an unmarked chopper was seen!


From then on no way could the truth be suppressed!





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