Do you know who is around you? #TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

How can happiness be defined in our life times

the more wealth some can gain pleases them

forever gathering material items and money

that is all that matters it makes them happy

others a more basic outlook little or no wealth

each day is a joy in sickness or good health!

Many can live alone nobodies help wanted

making every decision just for themselves

some can’t bear to be on their own not ever

must have others constantly be in a crowd

even at work centre of attention an extrovert

afraid of loneliness desperate not to be hurt!

There are groups of pure nasty human beings

are happier when hurting those around them

taking what they want no conscience or care

making those they encounters lives a nightmare

life to them is a game they don’t intend to lose

fuelled on cruelty drugs and lots of booze!

Though not all need any excuse for them destroy

superiority greed…

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