The man sat watching and listening to theories

each with a different message of doom

predicting that the end times were closing fast

that evil societies were intent

on our demise by diabolical mass annihilation

except for a select few our obliteration!


Shocked at all the information of this barbarity

theories we live on a flat earth

aliens are here and are part of the elite rulers

he began to fear those around him

what was true or fake news to confuse society

that added even more to his anxiety!


Images on pop videos it is declared are sinister

that most of us would not notice

many admit openly they have sold their souls

for their stardom and wealth

secret societies exist that have a long term plan

so out there is a real bogeyman!


Religions are increasing the warnings of an ending

armageddon depicting the proof

strange lights in the skies and cloud formations

noises angelic singing voices

loud bangs above even tremors below the ground

yet the causes could never be found!


He was but a simple person not wanting trouble

but pass his lifetime quietly

seeking peace honesty and equality for mankind

living without war and violence

no starvation endless deception or mass despair

a society any problems they could share!


Now uncertain of what was happening around him!








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  1. lovely and deep


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