Our outlook on life has changed! As predictions of a second coming and mankind’s end times grow! TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

Silence can be a golden moment in time

when there is no noise filling the mind

music doth sooth stress of modern society

easing the eerie sense of impending doom

fading are those days when we all cared

replaced by need of more gain for oneself

or selfless act of kindness with no bad intent

life meant more than money in your hand

imaging feeling secure safe when home or out

no fear of attack or abuse from friend or foe

most people helped each other love was love

a smile was innocent and a touch held no fear

those days hath faded dreams our delusion

now lives filled with strife and confusion!

Always the warnings of the coming end times

the predicted arrival of a being

some the messiah is whom they are waiting

others the evil one is overdue

religion and war unifying its onslaught on souls

as the…

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