Can we be certain that in this world of mystery

ghosts or unseen life does exist all around us

many have said they have seen dark shadows

figures that just seem to appear then disappear

maybe talking with them as if it were normal

sometimes sensing a touch or cold draft of air

these sightings and feelings not only in the dark

in daylight to that are terrifying and stark!


Could devils and demons or even vampires exist

there has been endless stories and films made

seemingly living forever telling they are real

mythology or fact can this theory really be true

strange tales told that still have no explanation

as there is so much we just do not understand

in our daily toil are there things we cannot see

in our space other life forms roaming free!


What does exist out of our spectrum of vision

can mankind this possibility envision?




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  1. An interesting thought but it is in great debate. The mind is the complicated piece of equipment in the universe as far as we know and it has taken about four and half billion years to get to its present state. Only quite recently are neuroscientists getting ideas together about how it views reality. Such questions as : what can we know about the world ? what are our limitations? how easily are we deluded ? Physics struggles to find ever deeper answers and comes up with esoteric concepts like string – theory and in quantum mechanics Einstein himself declares spooky things are predicted by the mathematics.


  2. Hi Kertsen. Thank you for liking my poem “Exist!” and your comment. There is still the mystery what is the truth? Not everything can be scientifically solved. I have an open mind which surely gives us hope there could be more to our Existence! TheFoureyedPoet.


  3. En este mundo no es lo que representa ser!
    Tu planteamiento es una dialéctica que está a punto de dilucidarse.
    Te deseo éxito prosperidad!


  4. Hi Psicodependencia. Thank you for your comment maybe the the moment of exposure of the truth is upon us! TheFoureyedPoet.


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