There comes a point when the lid must blow! #TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

How free is anybody in this society really

watched and listened to constantly

just how much freedom do we have today

undercover agents computer hacks

with ever higher taxes squeezing us tighter

bank accounts keep getting lighter!

Taxpayers money used to bail out the rich

fuel bills escalate restricting funds

with public transport getting too expensive

more struggle now to live well

cost of food and quality has declined so fast

a doomsday scenario cast!

You can see the frustrations now boiling over

some countries impose harsh regimes

while others are more subtle in their approach

the outcome is the same for the masses

corruption abuse of public funds and support

out of control as officials bought!

Money talks it seems as a small number prosper

while the majority pay a price

displaced and slaughtered with no home state

their countries rubble and dust

more weapons of deadly destructive power

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