We cannot all be perfect! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

In society we have an image of perfection

must be beautiful or handsome

tanned to a crisp with no unsightly scars

nor wrinkles plus be thin as a rake

plastic surgery accepted false bits are fine

classed as the modern design!

Glamour money leads to greed and misery

vanity and perfection the aim

as reality comes with a heavy price tag

exploitation for those who seek

in a society that uses the young or weak

when troubled help they seek!

Seedy and dark an underworld of lust

crime when life means little

humans use each other to gain money

where life is not important at all

love respect emotions they do abuse

vulnerable minds to confuse!

In a world now filled with false images

perfection is blasted upon us

the created human without any flaws

not a new concept in history

but one that has caused more sorrow

can there be a…

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  1. All these perfect beauties forced down our throats by Hollywood, fashion, and the media are some of the ugliest people walking the face of the Earth.

    Good write. Enjoyed the message.


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