She spoke with an almost singing tone

lost in the mansion museum

here with his elderly parents to explore

something they had always done

it was nice to meet a girl of his own age

with whom to engage!


Forgetting he had come with anybody else

engrossed with his new friend

did not seem to notice her long flowing gown

certainly not of modern day design

as he was taken on a detailed personal tour

happy to explore even more!


It was if they had known each other forever

nobody spoke to him before

or able to understand what he was saying

he never wanted to leave here

moving deeper into lower parts his mind

was simple and truly kind!


Never noticed those portraits on the walls

resembling closely his guide

nor objects she seemed to walk through

chatting then she had gone

disorientated he sat waiting for her return

that he was missing had no concern!


Fraught parents reported their son missing

security found him calmly sitting

took him back to their tender loving care

did not understand the attention

his thoughts were on that nice chatty girl

who had put him in a twirl!


Just begged to come back again very soon

unaware that the girl was a ghost

murdered when young within the building

was the next in line to the title

condemned to roam until body discovered

and her bones recovered!


The white lady waited for her friend to return!


The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. Poor guy, too bad the girl of his dreams turned out to be a ghost! very good. Loved the rhyming and the story had a lot of suspense and nice imagery.


  2. Thank you for liking the Chicken Kasba…love this… shame the girl was a ghost but very good 🙂 Enjoy your weekend 🙂


  3. Hi blondieaka Many thanks for your comment on my poem “Tone!” Best Wishes. The Fouretyed poet.


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