A pleasant warm evening and clear blue sky

sitting relaxing in a deck chair

without warning a huge cloud formed above

in its centre a large black hole

from which a metallic craft burst through

that drew their purview!


Was this a portal from another dimension

stunned as the craft hovered

turned into a fiery light before vanishing

thinking it was all over

came back twenty minutes later dividing

a spectacular show providing!


Splitting in two shooting across the skyline

headed to a nearby airbase

slowing down it then fused becoming one

dropping down out of sight

had it landed within this secretive complex

was it alien or a dark project?


Others had witnessed this strange sighting

and the hole in the sky

this was only the first of many encounters

of craft of unknown origin

regularly coming through this portal silently

unchallenged defiantly!


What was happening without explanation

was the secret terrifying revelation?


The Foureyed Poet.


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  1. Hi Malcolm

    Thank you for your poems – I get about one a day! Can’t promise I read all of them though!! Just in case you are not aware – Mary (Gordon’s wife) has died. Thought you want to be informed.



  2. Hi Doug. So nice to hear from you. No I did not know that. Sad but a fete that waits us all Mary and Gordon were a lovely couple. Thank you for reading my poems I don expect you to read them all. Hope life is treating you well. May I send my Best Wishes to you and your colleagues. I really enjoyed working with you all. Peace and Best Wishes. Malcolm The Foureyed Poet.


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