Her hands still trembled spilling the coffee

why had she witnessed the violence

could not have avoided walking that way

always taken the same that route

since starting evenings at that late bar

to where she had parked the car!


There holding the cup like a comforter

afraid to be on the outside

sipping the long cold espresso drink

saw blue lights flashing by

tried to hide in the cubical petrified

not wanting to be identified!


She had seen the man hit her friend

certain it was a metal pipe

could not reach her had been close

kept hitting had to shout

before running away saw his face

he had been to her place!


Certain it was her friend’s ex-boyfriend

desperate to run for help

but he started towards her at a fast pace

as if in an uncontrollable rage

had to run fearing her life was in danger

from this known stranger!


Nobody came to help as she screamed out

exhausted managed to escape

heard him shout he would find and kill her

that thought creating more panic

found the cafe down a narrow lane a retreat

from the horror on the paved street!


She phoned the police giving her location

told them what she witnessed

felt safe but for a moment heard the bang

at the large window he stood

hitting the glass ferociously with his fist

he was mighty pissed!


The glass cracked but luckily did not break

as she tried to exit he came in

staff were knocked violently to the ground

she was trapped in a corner

as he tried to aim a blow a shot was heard

what happened next blurred!


Just saw his head explode she screamed

as police guided the woman

from the scene and terror she endured

and the story would be told

recovering knowing her mate survived

but of her mobility deprived!


The Foureyed Poet.



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  1. Wow, I could see this unfolding in my head. What a powerful poem. Beautifully executed!


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