Had the young couple been abducted by aliens? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

The couple content with love in their hearts

in their car no worries or cares

enjoying their privacy in the isolated spot

no hint of forthcoming trouble

just as they became more sexually aroused

the girl heard a startling noise

humming and pulsating made her feel ill

the air highly charged deathly still!

Terrified she reluctantly had to get out the car

a piercing light shone down from above

then her boyfriend became frantically attuned

their mood had bluntly been disturbed

they came together in a panic and tried to run

but fell into a deep unconscious state

next moment the young couple were wide awake

unsure why their whole bodies did ache!

Laying on the grass realised it was  dark and chilly

on their arms and legs red sore patches

terrified they shakily got to their feet looking up

the sky was clear except for the stars

something had happened but what…

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