Redundant Word!

The truth is often altered and words become meaningless! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Peace has become a redundant word

where many people don’t seem to care

no mercy or kindness for others lives

cold and calculating even the young

willing to kill without a single thought

not even bothered when their caught!

Peace is often aimed for by big nations

hoping for harmony without hatred

yet it often fails to become a real fact

as the human factor over rules sanity

turning them in to the savage beast

after the slaughter enjoy the feast!

Are conflicts created for some to gain

no doubt this is a possible truth

as money comes before the living toll

when all most ask for is the peace

to live without fear of death to be free

families able to settle not flee!

Human conflict has always been incited

today the media circus is in action

giving us their edited version of events

how much truth they want us to know

compassion and outrage…

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