The aircraft rose into the black night sky

from an isolated airfield

followed by a second the noise absorbed

in the thick heavy air

accelerating into the void from their base

hidden far from the human race!


Thick woodland covered the rough terrain

heading out on a mission

sounds fading the flash of their afterburners

became engulfed in the clouds

to make contact with the unknown threat

with force would be met!


A huge luminous disk came into their sight

their status on red alert

but it immediately sped away at high-speed

pursued by the interceptors

could not lock onto this zigzagging sphere

never able to get near!


Stopping and turning at incredible G forces

left them simply as watchers

in inferior craft it raced towards the planes

but all equipment failed

as it sped overhead their engines stalled

came back their power restored!


As if to show its superiority hovered in front

of the disbelieving pilots

then became so bright it blinded their vision

seemed to turn off like a light

the skies once more empty lonely and clear

in this vast heavenly frontier!


Reporting all contact was lost with target

had no explanation for sighting!


The Foureyed Poet.


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