Is nature seeking its own retribution on mankind? The Foureyed Poet

The Foureyed Poet

A faint tremor occurs nobody notices

as the earth’s structure moves slowly

hot gases and explosions in a cycle

those on the surface seem unaware

except when a massive shift is felt

forces and heat make the rock melt

ever below us every second we live

nature has no meaning of forgive!

Harsh powerful nature takes no sides

giving equal destruction to all

unlike humans has no axe to grind

yet it is a living and moving mass

that we are part of and exist within

nothing could live outside its gravity

on the surface our life cycle goes on

can man’s existence here prolong?

A mystery why try to destroy our planet

so-called clever humans conspire

detonate nuclear bombs above and below

the surface draining it dry as well

forever harming earth’s delicate balance

also pollution and contamination

nature is surely the only dominant power

we should constantly fear every…

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