Within the closed down prison she stood

watching the noose swing

upon the gallows where many had hanged

felt constriction around her neck

also hearing the wooden boards creaking

found herself shrieking!


Other members of the paranormal team

came running to her rescue

it was early evening they had just entered

just trying to settle in

certain someone was dangling on the rope

overwhelmed hard to cope!


This experience was only the beginning

the atmosphere was tense

she could not forget that strangulation

sensation gasping to breath

no matter where she went could hear

the taut rope so near!


A historic prison where many died in pain

and desperation upon the gallows

preserved as a museum still seemed alive

retaining that hopeless feel

as the night proceeded made her petrified

as if an entity was inside!


The other group members could also sense to

they were not alone here

movement in the pitch black shuffling close by

deep coldness made them shudder

unable to bear her increasing emotions got out

in turmoil and doubt!


Near their truck stared mesmerized at the gallows

the urge to climb the steps

a one way walk for those condemned for execution

the hangman eagerly waiting

that image she could see as if it was a real event

compelled to take the final ascent!


Until two friends and members again held her back

awakening her from the trance

realised something was active had she been possessed

by a prisoner who had met his maker

on preserved gallows centuries past and never left

leaving the girl shaken and bereft!


She had to leave the experience changed her forever!


The Foureyed Poet.



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