Unidentified Material!

What had the desk sergeant been shown? Nobody would ever know! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

The desk sergeant sat at the front desk

in a small police station

a slow day near the end of the shift

in the small rural town

close to a sprawling national park

outside just getting dark!

The young man walked up to the counter

holding a grey metallic strip

He looked at the unidentified material

what have you got there son

asking as in front of him it was placed

wondering what he faced!

Found it while out walking on open ground

saw something fiery fall

a bang a flash from the skies a craft fell

he said in a story like way

the policeman puzzled he heard no sound

when was this thing found?

A few days ago on the other side of the moors

the lad reluctantly said

suspicious still the officer doubted the story

cautiously touching it

there was a strong electrical charge up his arm

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  1. I liked this although it gave me the creeps, perhaps another jolt, 4 eyes


  2. Creepy thoughts on new year’s day..


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