The vampires existance was ended by Tia the slayer! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

The girl sat so thin and pale starring

at food on a plate

pretending to eat within the group

she was very hungry

human blood was what she craved

being truly depraved!

Just will power stopped her attacking

sitting around that table

none realised she was actually dead

just a teenage girl

who loved wine after her blood fill

it gave her an extra thrill!

Pasty slender an image of unique beauty

now tired of these mortals

making her exit had to quell that hunger

her keen senses alerted

pounced on a lone woman in a doorway

on the glass blood spray!

Making her strong the victim meant nothing

just her blood lust to fill

the deadly unholy creature went on her way

thinking herself unstoppable

turned over three hundred years passed

her long shadow cast!

But as Beth thought her reign could never end

always evading the slayer


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