Ghost Hunting!

What is the truth out there? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

What is going on in the world of ghost hunting

now a popular television entertainment

are the sights and sounds real or manufactured

put on to falsely bring in the willing crowds

staged to  enthrall and encourage us to view

but in fact it is an allusion none really true!

Each show last normally for one hour in length

when investigations may take some days

alive or recorded easy to bring in special effects

or get somebody making the odd sounds

in total darkness the imagination works well

not hard to make you think its the pit of hell!

Money to be made from those eager to take it in

the shows sold around the electronic planet

marketed scripted in a professional package

ghost hunting by the mass media for all to see

true or not if it looks good and slick that is alright

disguising any real evidence from sight!

Glamorize it do not…

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  1. it is true that what we see most often on television and movies are ghost stories that seems so unreal ..yet producers make so much money and capitalize on the fact that people go crazy about the whole idea of ghost stories..


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