It was a near event as the meteorite headed our way! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Silently the danger approached very rapidly

gathering speed as it careered onwards

many eyes through telescopes observed

could see the object moving this way

on earth humans continued their folly

disbelieving of what could soon occur

others searched for provisions to hoard

merciless violence then soared!

Predictions had told of this for centuries

but few thought it would ever be

nothing would changed greed still ruled

there could be nowhere for us to flee

darkness despair man’s future grew

death and horror the only view!

No fresh air sun or sweet singing birds

happy children innocently playing

a meteorite certain was going to collide

ending in terror man kinds very existence

it was said this was the long told prophecy

as it hurled closer to the earth’s surface

the few hid deep in secure habitation

no room for most of the population!

By a miracle or very poor miscalculation

it passed by earth at close…

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