A Voice Called!

Is there truth in the stone tape theory? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

As he stood within the stone castle

a voice called in a rasp voice

the temperature dropped very low

it was a deep disturbing tone

an after thought it was very clear

was it a whisper in his ear?

A rational man scientific in attitude

wanting to know what it was

he could not know the stone tape theory

images and sounds retained

can be found inside any buildings fabric

is it real or simply a trick?

This defining moment in his busy life

made him doubt his own sanity

objects bounced off the granite floor

a groan he now felt encased

something was slowly rotating around

his terror did compound!

In dim lighting the eyes can deceive

easy to trip over trying to escape

that same voice he heard once again

as he reached the stone steps

pain began to increase in his chest

falling down he found no…

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  1. i’m really a fan….


  2. Thank you.


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