On The Headland!

Another ship destroyed by the wreckers for its cargoe! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Standing on the headland the wreckers watched

as through the storm came a large sailing ship

a merchant vessel in trouble  filled with treasure

no mercy in their souls for those on board

on the leaders signal a massive bonfire was lit

in a few minutes on the rocks the ship did hit!

Through the wind and rain the cries were heard

and the wooden hull shattering like glass

the wreckers made their way down to the shore

to steal whatever they could carry

criminals without conscience they waited

for a chance to get the treasure the crew feted!

No mercy for any survivors they meant nothing

grab what you could and take it away

before the revenue and customs soldiers came

each knew what task they had to perform

dangerous and cruel work but a profitable one

spoils to the inn when the deed was done!

On the shore the ship…

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