Avenue Of Trees!

It seemed so different then! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

The day was warm the memory vivid

our car glided at a cruising speed

through an avenue of  tall leafy trees

the sunlight reflecting like laser beams

the roof down freedom screamed out

no cares in our lives nor self doubt!


Only a slight unease on the empty road

bringing back memories of  long ago

when most country lanes were clear

and driving was then such a pleasure

not a dread you could enjoy the view

each journey was an adventure anew!


The smell of nature such an amazing high

looking at the fields not yet built on

or being in choking endless traffic queues

as frustration grows into violent pitch

in this avenue of trees it felt safe and free

finding a place to stop for afternoon tea!


When I was young it was far from perfect

but there seemed to be more hope

the summers today do not seem so long

a sense of…

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  1. beautifully written …a fan as always


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