Alien life was closer than they thought! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Not a soul noticed at first the ripple

or the shimmer in the atmosphere

traffic flowed at a very fast pace

on the busy motorway it began

cars just vanished into a time sllp

some were able to stop the flip!

It started occurring in other locations

no warning why nobody could tell

but not only did things just disappear

strange craft came back the other way

advanced beings were here in force

an alien invasion on course!

Rapid response units hastily deployed

into a situation not faced before

twitchy fingers poised on hair triggers

six black helicopters sped to the scene

towards the first ripple that appeared

without warning an alien craft neared!

They prepared themselves for a battle

but not a single weapon was fired

their gun ships dropped to the soil

a gently landing with a faint thud

thrusting open the copter doors dazed

aliens waiting they…

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