Below The Ice!

Global warming had unleashed the alien slime! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

In the ice something laid in complete silence

for millions of years waiting to be aroused

an entity that should never on earth be alive

in suspended animation until that moment

festering below the surface as the heat rises

visible to see the shape with nasty surprises!

A survey team headed to the unknown source

their instruments picking up at first a faint signal

curiosity would be their ultimate downfall

their snow vehicles left the safety of their base

setting out with excitement on a discovery trip

keeping in touch by radio with a close by ship!

It had just arrived with fresh supplies and team

eager to know if they would be needed to help

as the scientist approached at speed the rogue blip

a sound was heard within their minds but no noise

approaching the spot a giant circular shape was seen

at the edge was a substance a dark shade…

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