Man Ever The Beast!

Man ever the savage beast! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Man ever the beast and always the savage

no matter how clever his status

in an increasingly deteriorating terra firma

with a lust and driving force for power

the few dominating our every moment

as the majority are in rapid descent!

Unbelievable amounts of money being spent

as this is now what rules our lives

most struggle to pay the  horrendous taxes

imposed but not used to improve society

squandered to the detriment of the majority

from those elected by us into authority!

If the wealth was spread more evenly about

poverty would be just a plain word

people safe to stay in their own homelands

no fear of persecution or starvation

treated with dignity and more as equals

but unlikely as money rules any sequels!

The enviroment falls short of financial gain

the beast and the savage will remain

any method used to boost the profits

overrules the correct and just route

on the streets the blood…

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