Ominous White Building!

Nobody realised until it was too that a toxin had been released! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

In the middle of  a boggy scrub land field

an ominous white building is located

rumours rife it was an experimental lab

it was built without consent

no planning permission they could recall

now a green mist began to fall!

A toxin being released into the atmosphere

through vents on the flat roof

opened on purpose to allow it to escape

into the settlements nearby

as it permeated into plants and tissue

this would become the big issue!

The change was rapid as people died

but quickly coming back to life

not as the people they had just been

now monsters like zombies

from humans to flesh-eating freaks

in a few hours not weeks!

The connection between the outbreak

and the factory emissions

had not been established as it spread

government scientists searched

of the source of such hideous creatures

only seen in horror features!

It was not known it…

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  1. very cool


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