Family Gathering!

A little anxious about the family gathering

meeting his girlfriends parents

it had been six months since their first date

but it was unusual circumstances

coinciding with the funeral of her grandma

this was very odd for sure!


For some reason he found himself all alone

sitting in the dinning room

after returning together from the cemetery

there were others to see

feeling out of place an elderly lady entered

startled her coming never heard!


She spoke first simply asking him if he was well

and how nice the day had been

nervous he politely agreed and turned away

noticing a picture of her

looking back surprised to find she had gone

never thought anything was wrong!


A few minutes later his young lady came in

tears were filling her eyes

he mentioned the photos of the elderly lady

now the tears flooded

that was my lovely gran who we just buried

to comfort her he hurried!


Unsure that he should say she was just here

but it just left his lips

with your gran I have just had a little chat

at that second realised

he had seen her spirit both were smiling now

truly comforting somehow!


This moment brought them both to realise

how much in love they were

it was though dear gran wanted a close look

of her granddaughters man

bonding them into making that commitment

it made feel really content!


It unnerved him thinking she could be near

seemed so solid and real

never would he admit this persistent fear

somehow this did not appeal!


The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. Nods of approval come in all forms.


  2. Hi Snapshotsincursive. Thank for liking my poem Family Gathering! And your comment. Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.


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