How many do believe in God and an afterlife? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

What is the percentage that believe in god

in an after life when we go to heaven.

amongst out families who have passed on

playing with the angels in a better place

earth is just one phase we pass through

in their minds there’s a better life waiting

where they will go when this one does end

hoping they their souls will ascend!

A wonderful way to view our cycle of life here

many have had terrible lives and suffered

how nice to believe that life does continue on

such thoughts do bring them much strength

is it also possible this planet is heaven for some

maybe hell for others each person a tale to tell

why do some sail through life where all is good

others on this surface wish they had never stood!

What is waiting for us all in creations design

nobody has been able to solve this puzzle

but those who…

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  1. the good about afterlife is that it brings us so much hope..hope that we have a chance to better our lives wherever afterlife may take us..thanks for your thoughts on my post ” why we love” it saddens me though that love hasn’t found you yet…so here’s wishing you that you find one soon…ley me know…


  2. Hi michnavs. Thank you for your lovely comment and liking Believe. Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.


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