The Line!

There was no hope in society then he came! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

The line just went on into infinity to me

that’s how I envisaged it!

Everyone of working age disgruntled

generations in agreement.

Our economy was in disintegration

it was hyper inflation!

Two thirds of the population had no jobs

yet the rich grew fatter!

Locked away in their secured fortresses

still the politicians said.

It would get better but it wasn’t true

their retribution was over due!

Police rarely seen on the streets anymore

employed by the rich!

To protect them against the angry masses

left to survive any how!

A divided society a civil war grew near

this increasingly was clear!

But what’s the  use of their power and greed

how could any of us win?

The outcome could only lead to the end

man didn’t know when to stop!

With no interaction with the rich and poor

the tension could last no more!

Beautiful places we loved and enjoyed…

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