Ghosts Angels Or Demons?

Do they really exist or just stories? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Who are amongst us do we honestly know

are there really ghosts angels or demons near

relatives who have died do they still exist

in a spirit world where it’s said everyone goes

is this in our imagination or can it be real

do mediums really have the ability to feel!

Can ghosts really haunt buildings old and new

playing repeatedly the same scenes for us to view

some times I’ve heard interacting with living beings

or moving objects knocking or banging  doors

is there truly any facts to give us any proof

maybe it’s pure fiction or are they just aloof!

There are those who passionately do believe

that life exists after death it’s our next phase

equally those who think there’s nothing to come

two sides who have different schools of thought

the truth is earnestly and scientifically being sought

investigators are waiting for any proof to be caught!

That question awaiting answers…

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