From Where I Lived!

Watching the endless news stations does war seem more like a film and not reality? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

From where I lived honestly could not seee

nor hear the real explosions or cries of pain

not understanding just what it meant not me

prime notice of any bombs going off first came

as I sat to view the news always full of blues

little to cheer heart and soul or amuse

events affecting a multitude of people about

in disasters natural or man-made increase

those not involved may feel sad yet no doubt

media hype makes us blase’ to death less peace

how easy to be detached to think of number one

more countries get drawn into these bloody wars

civilian casualties get worse but few seem to care.

the evil fight on with grabbing bloody claws

pulling more innocent into the blinding glare

helpless to stop those who die for nothing

can they guide their own destiny let the bell toll

battle scarred cities towns and minds are all around

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