I recall!

Petrified he sat alone in the old house! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

I recall one cold and wet thundery night

while staying in my uncles old eerie house.

Sitting in his huge armchair in candle light

near the hearth sat a frightened little mouse.

It was warm in front of the flickering fire

as I dozed with dreams of burning desire.

Suddenly a noise made me jump from the chair

something strange must have happened I thought.

In my half awake state I was aware

then from a dark dingy corner I caught.

A glimpse of what seemed a human form

with a bang and crash from the raging storm.

Nothing was there but a wooden lamp stand

I stood by the fire feeling so cold.

When something evil and unseen touched my hand

what nightmare was about to unfold.

The air turned cold I could see my breath

such terror filled my heart was I near to death.

An awesome silence now filled…

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