The paranormal team secured an investigation

in disused depressing hospital.

Many tales of  experiences in this decaying relic

still littered with equipment.

From a more disciplined and cruel period of care

and complain you wouldn’t dare!


But it’s said the torment of the patients lingered on

untold misery within its borders!

The group split into pairs and sent to each hotspot

where staff had witnessed events!

Each armed with a voice recorder and torches

went in to face unseen forces!


Down in the basement they approached the mortuary

glad to have radios to communicate.

Entering the large room cold with an unpleasant odour

four fridges directly in front!

Immediately they heard sounds of metallic tapping

and their batteries power sapping.


Realising it was emanating from the rusting fridges

contacted the base unit.

As all the crew converged to the active location

a cry of  anguish was heard.

What sounded like scratching quickly followed next

leaving some perplexed!


A suggestion was then made for somebody to lay

on one of the body trays.

Shut inside on their own for an hour-long vigil

who was brave or foolish?

Regretting being a volunteer the female got on

the feeling of death strong!


Tingling in her legs began to turn to numbness

and a soft voice spoke!

Sounding like ‘ stay with me’ from her left side

this she didn’t expect.

Panic made her shout to be released fast

seeing also a shadow cast!


They each decided to leave a few hours early

they sensed a hostile presence!

On reviewing their audio and visual devises

evidence was really clear.

The tapping was chilling on hearing it again

soon after the girl went insane!


None returned to the mortuary as their lives fell apart!


The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. ghost reined in the mortuary nobody visited again..makes sense its plain fear


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