The Flight Attendant!

Not keen on flying but having no choice

the business woman winced.

As she boarded the large long haul flight

going into business class.

And unsettled stomach through flying

sat nervously sighing!


The plane on this day was less than half full

but busy in her section.

Many she knew were busy on their laptops

and they acknowledged her.

Half an hour later rising and heading east

her agitation increased.


She tried to work and then sleep but failed

then a nice flight attendant.

Came over to talk it calmed her tension

thinking he was very nice.

She had never had such attention before

happy to talk even more.


After awhile she fell into a restful slumber

when she awoke he had gone!

Not wanting to think she had been rude

summoned another attendant.

Felt she had to apologise but got an odd reply

for this airline he did not fly!


Nobody recognised her description of him

there were no male staff.

Soon after one of the engines caught fire

it was quickly put out.

But had to make an emergency landing

then there he was standing!


The young man stood making her feel at ease

petrified at the unfolding events!

Safely touching down with a jolt on the runway

a cheer went up with relief.

But the attendant was not there any more

now she was really sure.


He was not real but why had he appeared to her

she was glad he did.

Giving such comfort and strength on her journey

escaping down the shoot.

Back in the terminal where she got on the plane

composure now could maintain!


Months later still could not get back in the air

wondering who he was.

Then on a site about passed air disasters

saw his face in a picture.

Killed on a crashed plane helping others survive

his name Alan no longer alive!


How glad she was he had come to help her to.


The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. Oh my, you’ve gone and done it…created flight attendant ghosts — and I love it!


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