The Foxes Gathered!

The foxes gathered in the garden of a town house

that once was open farmland.

Their habitats swallowed up in man’s progress

having to adjust to the change.

Becoming accustomed to the humans presence

their appetites becoming immense!


Noticeably their aggression was rapidly accelerating

their lust for flesh uncontrolled!

No longer timid prepared to move in for the kill

humans now the main source of food!

Scavenging for left over food a thing long passed

a dooms day future cast!


The threat of rabies had now reached our shores

and contamination in the soil!

Making the once these small creatures grow big

the threatened cull never happened.

Because of the do-gooder who’d saved the beast

now humans their favourite feast!


With daily patrols of government armed soldiers

didn’t quell the growing fears!

Suddenly the foxes gathered in ever larger skulks

never had it been seen before!

They were not known to normally hunt in packs

surging down country tracks!


Like swarms of locusts they came into built up areas

the in place defences held.

Only a few were injured two savaged beyond help

many foxes were slaughtered!

Yet they regrouped preparing to attack once more

now becoming an entrenched war!


Authorities realised they’d under estimated the beast

was it too late to save mankind?


The Foureyed Poet.


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