The unexpected Patient!

The nurse sat at the desk writing notes

there was always much to do.

It was early evening on the busy ward

as usual not enough staff.

Much to organise as the ward was full

from warm became very cool!


At first didn’t notice then began to shiver

making her stop and think.

By her side were two single bedded rooms

in one a poorly patient lay.

The other she had thought was unoccupied

when a voice called from inside!


At first thought it had come from else where

but turning saw movement.

Checked the bed plan nobody should be there

so reluctantly went to investigate!

At the doorway saw an elderly man in the bed

suddenly filled with dread!


As she went in to speak they just disappeared

the room once again empty!

But what made it more scary for the nurse

she recognised the patient.

Who had been in that room six months before

dying at eighteen twenty four!


She could not explain then glanced at the clock

that was the time such a shock!


The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. ghost has scare you as once you did with needles too..revenge at last.


  2. Wonderful work!


    • HI Jeremiah. Thank you for liking my Poem ‘The Unexpected Patient’. And your Great comment.


  3. Very intriguing. Especially since I’m a nurse. 🙂 Paulette


    • Hi Paulette, Thank you so much for liking my poem ‘The Unexpected Patient’. and your comment. I have worked in The NHS in the UK for nearly forty four years. And I do hear a lot of accounts of what staff have said they’ve seen felt and heard. Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.


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