Months Apart!

It had been very lonely those months apart

that empty space in his heart.

Their relationship and passion on hold

as bad news began to unfold

An uprising in their country had occurred

for day’s there was no word!


Desperately worried to know if she was well

away on business for a short spell.

Only two hours from where they were based

what a nightmare he now faced.

Finding his composure was hard to retain

had to get home on the train.


Soldiers everywhere dangerous being there

not alone the trauma to share.

Every one pushing to board the few coaches

as gun fire rapidly approaches.

Panic setting in terror as the crowds surged

children crying could be heard!


His journey was fraught and his manner tense

the military barrage immense!

Never had he seen so many crushed together

nearing the end of his tether.

The slow-moving train shook with each bang

had his phone just rang?


This trip took forever the hours nearly ten

he’d find his wife but when?

Eventually it stopped he struggled to get out

positive without doubt.

On the platform soldiers herded the crowd

trying hard not to curse aloud.


Through familiar neighbourhoods made his way

to a spot if lost would stay.

Their one secret rendezvous only they knew

his anxiety now grew.

Approaching he was relieved to see her there

such emotions they did share!


Embracing passionately despite the violence

love to them conquered all!


The Foureyed Poet.

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