Car Breakdown!

Never trust a garage to look after your car

my dear old dad use to say.

Those words came back to haunt me

when it did come to a stop!

Upon a moorland road in the dead of night

soon to survive I’d have to fight!


In the pitch black I knew this was not good

yet I could see nothing.

Neither call for help without a phone signal

the electrics had failed.

Reluctant to move and of the danger aware

nobody with the fear to share.


The wind blew over the course grasslands

shapes seemed to come and go!

Noises to I didn’t recognise hit my ears

agitating every nerve!

Had to find a place with a land line phone

one human on his own!


The road seemed to stretch on without end

as an ominous mist formed!

Sensing there was a pounding rapidly closing

behind me I tried to run.

Tripping on an uneven surface fell into a ditch

laying at a very steep pitch!


Semi conscious after colliding with a small rock

heavy breathing I heard!

Something growling and sniffing around me

wanting to shout aloud.

But knowing any movement would be lethal

my actions had to be cool.


Losing consciousness  some hours later I awoke

early morning and freezing.

Finding it hard to sit up but glad to be alive

nothing was visible now!

Upon my feet fearing these phantoms were near

thankfully nothing did appear.


Making it safely back to my vehicle was such a plus

cautious with every step.

Thought I’d try start the engine but with little hope

like a dream it burst into life!

Like nothing had happened amazed I drove on

weak but trying to be strong.


Arriving at a village without further incidents

sitting reflecting but relieved.

Unsure if it was real or a psychological attack

the cut on my head then hurt.

In my mind clear evil was present on that moor

memories within still raw!


Without actual proof nobody would believe

one day the answer I would conceive!


The Foureyed Poet.


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