The Unknown Voice!

He sat bolt upright in bed what had he heard

looking at his wife asleep.

It couldn’t have been her voice it was male

there in the dark bedroom!

Having to admit to himself he was fearful

not like him as a rule!


Then it happened again a male voice spoke

it came from the far corner.

Too afraid to get up on this winters night

as shadows were darting about!

Had to be his imagination playing a trick

then to his right a tap or click!


Putting his bare feet on the wood tiled floor

the voice called out his name!

Was he having just a horrible nightmare

never recalled one before.

This was the first night in their cottage

he sensed an unseen rage!


Curtains moved but the windows were shut

yet a cold draft blew!

That voice yet again calling out his name

it had a profound effect.

He saw a grotesque figure hanging there

of this he became aware!


A tightness filled his chest a rising pulse

falling back then was still!

The sudden jolt on the bed woke his wife

turning on the bedside light.

Saw her husband dead face twisted in fear

heard nothing yet so near!


To her everything seemed in its rightful place

screaming the son ran in.

Without a clue of what his dad had been through

but did feel unsettled.

That there was an atmosphere not felt before

just wanted to get out the door!


Mother and son tried to stay after the funeral

but wanted to get out!

They started to hear the unknown voice to

they prepared to quickly leave!

Then a force pushed them and they were ejected

by the entity so unexpected!


Bruised in the garden lucky to be alive!

they would never return!


Nobody would stay in the cottage again!


The Foureyed Poet.

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