First Mission

He sipped that ice-cold cold drink so refreshing

outside of a quaint cafe’.

Watching the people particularly the girls

tapping the table he was tense!

This his first mission as a covert operative

trying to be positive.


Just told to expect a package to be delivered

nothing more disclosed.

His earpiece buzzed as a young woman sat

placing her coffee down.

Using trigger words in their conversation

she responded without evasion.


Getting up she smiled politely saying goodbye

then quickly went away.

Under her saucer he saw a piece of paper

pulling it out he read.

Look under my side of the coffee table

difficult as it was unstable.


Nearly tipping it over pulling the sticky tape

being firmly held.

Concealing it trying not to look awkward

joining a passing group.

Concerned there was somebody stalking

he started quickly walking!


His fears were confirmed when he heard a pop

a bullet fired close by!

Through a silencer then there was another

taking evasive action.

Informing the surveillance team in the van

then into the underground he ran!


Planning a route for his own safe escape

he knew the terrain.

Finding the spot he had put a gun and torch

now he was prepared!

Shaking from the cold and possibly fear

there were footsteps near!


As they came along side he jumped out

the bright beam on.

At the same time firing his magnum gun

a grunt and a thud.

Then at his feet a body laid motionless

no emotion did he express!


He informed the team of  what had occurred

continuing with his task.

Others could be close behind for the cargo

so delivery was vital.

The destination was at last radioed through

knowing what he had to do!


First mission and first blood his career had begun!


The Foureyed Poet.

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