I really dreaded answering the phone today

am I easy game?

That salesman bombarded my hearing

and I just listened!

Every time I tried to interrupt he talked

being verbally stalked!


Never have I been harassed in this way

at first he was pleasant.

An hour passed should have clicked off

had I become mesmerised?

Saying he wanted to invest my savings

continuing his ravings!


Wanting to put all my money in fine wines

had my interests at heart.

As I got angry he rambled on non stop

lecturing like a teacher.

In the end I felt mentally violated by him

speaking to me if I was dim!


At last courage prevailed told Him I am going

yet on her persisted.

I could take no more my head was throbbing

this was hard sell.

Why did I allow him to go on for that long

not to hang up was I wrong?


Tolerance for pensioners has surely got worse

thought of as a curse!

Abused and robbed thinking them easy prey

unable to run away!

Where has that respect gone today?


The Foureyed Poet.

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