The Fort!

It was pitch black as entering the fort

with a group to investigate

an odd atmosphere within thick walls

said to linger in the stale air

here a fortification for a thousand years

with cells rising several tiers!


Hearing sounds like doors slamming shut

screams of pain and anguish

even before exploring the dark corners

built of granite on putrid land

in the blackness harried souls are near

empty eyes at you peer!


Whispering voices cursing your presence

in that dank atmosphere

that stench of death make you wretch

as the darkness overwhelms

shadows dart about in that dense place

this is the teams base!


Dividing into two groups of three they started

their investigation of the fort

for a couple it was not a wise decision to come

their demise was assured

sat for a while watching the camera monitors

as a mist rose from the floors!


It gradually came into the cameras sight

not observed by the crew

who had never experienced such terror

on any investigation before

slow footsteps were heard very close by

something there did pry!


Feeling isolated gave them a radio warning

that the mist was there

desperate to escape could it be too late

to reach the base room

figures formed in their path visually real

as a female made a loud squeal!


Immediately rushing to assist the troubled teams

as an eerie silence met me

finding everyone unconscious the mist gone

panicking unable to summon help

dragging them one by one to the base room

into light from the gloom!


Strange noises and movements just carried on

when all six were extracted

called for help on my phone in the court-yard

support soon arrived

two had been strangled and pronounced dead

disbelief filled my head!


We had not realised what lurked in the fort

police said no foul play was sought

they found no explanation in their report

there were no humans to be caught!


So what really did happen there?


The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Foureyed Poet and commented:

    It was a sad and scary night without explanation! The Foureyed Poet.


  2. Very sad. Hugs. Thanks for comments. Happy New Year!


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