Up Until Now!

Up until now  I thought my town was rural

the same problems as anywhere else.

But more sinister things were taking shape

as gun dealers arrived!

Lived in the place all of my days so far

this has raised the scary bar!


Thought other countries had this headache

realising there is no safe haven.

Nobody can be certain of their well-being

the chances maybe low.

Yet with uncertainty around it can change

human activity is strange!


People fear the threat of those with a knife

guns are a danger from any distance!

Had that creepy sensation of being watched

somebody has that sight on you?

These thoughts can stimulate your mind

there are those this way inclined!


Am I being paranoid guns on my local streets

should I be concerned?

The law seems less trustworthy than before

far more just ignore it.

A worry those we should be able to respect

often are the ones to suspect!


Always said undermine the police forces authority

the only barrier against the villain.

And we the public would pay a heavy price

big cuts and break their moral

Would endanger the public increasing crime

we have reached that time!


The Foureyed Poet.

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