The Blood!

He could not get the blood off himself

no matter how he tried

it was him or that monstrous creature

not alive anymore

just couldn’t get used to all the blood

worse mixed in mud!


How had he become killer of these things

always been a quiet lad

that was until he met that fantastic girl

pity then he didn’t know

she wasn’t of the homo sapiens breed

spawned of another seed!


Beginning to age yet she looked the same

never knew they co-existed

drawn into their feud against their vile kind

had to learn to fight

or by knowing her would be dispatched

head from body detached!


This race had been here long before man

from a distant galaxy

they could only be killed by decapitation

at first not believing it

until the girl he loved made her first kill

that was in his brain still!


Now he had to wearily keep on the move

with each kill their power grew

but a moment would come when either

he would certainly die

either murdered or he’d simply grow old

to his lover this he told!


That day arrived sooner than he’d feared

but this way he cherished

the two of them attacked while walking

his instincts were fast

always a sword at hand he protected

a fatal blow was deflected!


Striking the enemy before they hit the girl

taking the full blow

in her arms he thought this was the end

but a strange sensation

hot fire surging inside the blood exploded

his mortality eroded!


Never before had this mutation occurred

he was now a hybrid

together on equal terms they were joined

knowing the blood would flow

violence and tracking their reasons to exist

the quest they would persist!


Beware they wouldn’t let anything stop the kill!


The Foureyed Poet.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Foureyed Poet and commented:

    When he met her never thought he would be changed forever! The Foureyed Poet.


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