Happy New Year!


A throbbing head wondering where you are

with slow thoughts you remember.

It is New Years day everything looks bleak

not such a happy start!

How cold and damp where you have laid

lifting your head nerves frayed!


Glancing about there in the morning air

several others beside you.

An awful smell of booze and stale vomit

makes your stomach churn!

Rising with pain to your feet on wobbly legs

bottle in hand with a few dregs.


Swigging that down making you feel worse

focusing your tired blurry eyes.

Trying to rouse those prostrate on the ground

recognising some others no idea.

A girl looked familiar then an awful flash back

had he proposed not the right tack!


Once a school friend that was all she would be

waking them they stood up.

Noticing it was a fly tip rubbish everywhere

not far from the last port of call!

Each still under the influence of all the drink

guiding them to the bus link.


Certainly could not remember much of last night

as the frost began to bite!

Welcome he thought to another bloody new year

must be time for more beer.


Happy New Year!


The Foureyed Poet.

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    Here wa go into another New Year! The Foureyed Poet.


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